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How it works.

Step 1.
Property needs analysis

Discuss your needs, preferred locations, budget, and reasons for the purchase.

Step 2.
We discuss strategies for you to achieve your goals. We discuss property types and different strategies such as cashflow, renovate, develop, strata, discount or capital growth.We discuss ownership entities and exit strategies.

Step 3
Research and shortlist potential properties
We use our comprehensive network of Real Estate Agents, Developers, and Private Sellers. We use the most powerful search tools available and leave no stone unturned.

Step 4
Due Dilgence
We conduct suburb analysis, market conditions, risk assessment, and uncover property Gems

Step 5
Evaluate and Appraise
We get to the truth as to the true value of the property and look at any hidden dangers

Step 6.
Hard Negotiating and lock up the deal
We get you the best price and terms possible
We hold your hand in the settlement process