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Julie had be relocating her family from Melbourne due to a job promotion. She required a house close to a train station as she worked in the city

Julie from Blacktown

Ian had a business and required a house for his family. Ian worked long hours and did not have the time to go looking at houses. We found him the perfect house
for his family and for a really good price

Ian from Campbelltown

Angelo had a daughter with special needs and required a house located close to the there parents. Will found a private seller and negotiated some really go terms for them

Angelo, Prestons

Cyril and Emeline had a large family and required a house with lots of room. We found them the perfect house for their budget

Cyril and Emeline Purchase a Home in Macquarie Fields

Gordon and Joan had just moved here from Scotland and was sure about the house buying process in Australia
We are able to find them the perfect home in St Andrews close to Gordon’s work.

Gordon and Joan Purchased a Home in St Andrews

We were renting a unit in Liverpool. We were considering purchasing but
felt it was out of our reach due to the high deposit and attached costs in
purchasing our first home.

Mohammad and Diane In Prestons

Found the perfect home close to schools and child care. They did not think they could own their own home because the bank they visited asked them for a 20% deposit. Our broker was able to get them a loan and we found them a house 2 street from where they were renting

Ian from Ruse